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Company History - Europe and USA

  Mucad - Europe:

The largest WILD plotter Service company in Europe - specializing in plotters and cutters since 1984 ! We began at the same time as the industrial sales started in Switzerland. We service hundreds of various size companies & government agencies in the following fields: signs, traffic engineering, packaging, fabric/textile, shoe and various industrial applications (CAD, CAM Systems).

Our Service Team, consisting of former WILD/LEICA factory trained and our own Technicians, is proud to service many renowned and established as well as new and start up businesses.

We sell and refurbish plotters, provide new and exchange spare parts, not only to our existing service customers, but also to independent service companies worldwide.


After years of exporting parts and plotters, we have established a service organization in Colorado, USA in 1997 to better serve our customers overseas. Offering the full range of parts and services for WILD/LEICA Plotters. 

Like our European counterpart, we also feature factory overhauled WILD/LEICA plotters.

ARISTO added to Line: Dec 2005

Starting in Dec 2005 - we added ARISTO Plotter Systems to the Line of Machines supported. This Brand of Plotters is an equal to the long proven Systems from WILD LEICA - except all is new and STATE OF THE ART in terms of Systems Design and Options available.

ZUND Swiss Cutting Systems: August 2010
Partnering with ZUND opens up the line to the world leader
in Flatbed Cutting capabilities of all types and demands.
Wether it be accurate details to high speed routing - a ZUND Cutter
will be up to any task.
We work hand in hand to provide you the service you come to expect
working with longtime enthusiastic professionals.

Contact us at (303) 340 4465 or email:

Link to MUCAD Europe Homepage -

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