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Dear WILD LEICA Plotter User

Our Core Business is in Service and Maintenance of WILD LEICA Flatbed Plotters. The quality Craftsmen-Ship of these plotters by far exceeds the now-a-day Designs produced and sold. 
We strongly believe that a well designed and crafted machine can stay a valuable tool in various fields in the industry for as many years as the owner desires.
That of course requires a periodic Service and Maintenance and possible Repairs on the system. Here is where we can be of assistance to you.
Most parts on these plotters can be rebuilt and overhauled. The parts have what is referred to as Core Value.
When parts are exchanged, the price is significantly lower than regular purchase price.
Most of our spare parts come with a 1 to 3 year full warranty. If a part fails within the assigned warranty period - we will send you a replacement at no cost (incl. S&H) and the return freight back to us.
Travel within the US, Canada and South America can be quite costly. What we have done successfully to bring that cost down is scheduleing several customers within a Combination Trip. Everyone pays a shared portion of that travel cost.
We also offer FREE of Charge initial Service visits to Users who don't know us and would like to find out what the condition of their plotter is. It helps at the same time to get to know us and ask questions directly connected with problems and issues on the equipment.
These Visits are only offered in conjunction with Combination Trips already scheduled in a certain area. 
Service Note:
Buying new Equipment does not save the Service and Maintenance. All mechanical and electronic systems do require periodic check ups.
Another very misleading conclusion is : my machine works perfect, it doesn't need to be worked on.
Every day, week, year of production on a machine will result in change of either drives, deterioration of lubrication, accumulated debris and particles, etc.
All these factors reduce ultimately the Life Span of a machine.
The solution to avoid premature defects and deterioration is to MAINTAIN and SERVICE a machine to keep it in good and functional working condition.

Call us for more Details at (303) 340 4465 or email us :

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