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This Site provides some valuable information for users who are interested in keeping their Plotters and Plotter surroundings maintained.
As the basic law of physics explains:
This basic law of physics applies to about all systems utilizing motion.
TIPS for your Plotter Environment:
1.  Cleanliness prevents excessive dust and particles getting into gears, 
     under drive bearings - all Zero-Mechanical-Tolerance systems.
2.   Operator Awareness is the best solution for the safe and sound
      operation of any equipment.
      Knowing the proper function and features of the plotter, how to adjust
      the settings and tooling for a certain job, understanding when
      something doesn't act right or sound right (time to call and inform -
      before major problems occurr - Hotline Direct (303) 748 5946). 
      The operator is the Interface between equipment and the
      Service Engineer - the source for information.
3.   Self Maintenance to the extent recommended is a very helpful way
      of keeping cost down. Having a good running machine and emphasizing
      a more in depth understanding of what is important on the plotter.
      We do encourage this kind of - cleaning, relubrication, general check
      for wear parts.
      IMPORTANT: self maitenance does not replace the Service a
     skilled/trained Service Technican or Engineer performs.
     We do not recommend any further work than described above
     (cleaning, relubrication, check for wear items).
     Unskilled dissassembly of any plotter or part of can cause
     serious malfunction and deterioration of the machine.
     For Information where that threshold is: please call.
4.   Lubrication  for Gears and other Drive systems like ball bearings and
      Surfaces for ball bearings is vital and prevents premature wear.
      MUCAD USA and all Nafta Territory Users:
      Gears       -    LPS High Pressure Graphite Grease
                            (Available at Grainger or directly through us with
                             smaller packaging volume)
     Bearings   -   LPS 2 - Industrial Strength Lubricant Aerosol
                           (Grainger directly - is difficult to ship since labeled
                            flammable, in Canada - contact Acklands Grainger)
     Bearings  -    D2M  - is not available in local stores. We sell the grease
                            in small 1Oz. jars for US$ 35.00.
                            This Grease has properties not found in other greases,
                            please do not apply anything else on the surfaces to not
                            deteriorate them.
5.  Call for any questions you might have regarding your plotter.
     We will find a solution for most issues and problems out there.

Contact information - Telephone: (303) 340 4465    email:

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